A short introduction

How does it work?

  1. Paste a YouTube link
  2. Click the "moo" button
  3. Wait for identification
    (this may take a couple of minutes and depends on the video length)

What's this?  ♬

MooMash solves a common problem: Identifying music in Youtube videos.

If you come accross some great track or snippet of music on YouTube, but it's not labelled, just paste the YouTube link above, click "moo", and let MooMash go to work.

Depending on how long the video is and how many videos are currently being analysed, it can take a couple of seconds or up to 15 minutes for our team of highly trained cows to go through the video and compare its sound to the 7 million songs they memorized.

Want to use Moomash while browsing YouTube?

Try our bookmarklet. To install it, just drag the button to the taskbar/bookmarks of your browser:

Identify video with Mooma.sh

To use it, just browse to a YouTube webpage and click the button in your toolbar. A new tab/window will open that contains the identification.

Plugin para el navegador: MooMa.sh Firefox Plugin MooMa.sh Safari Plugin MooMa.sh Chrome Plugin